Jessie Healy

Agency Founder & eCommerce Expert

I advise eCommerce brands on how they can scale profitably through Social Media Advertising, Google Ads and Email Marketing

The $20 million I have spent on digital advertising in my career has helped me crack the code to creating profitable ads that convert.

After years of running multi-million pound digital campaigns for the likes of Etsy, Future Publishing and Trinity Mirror, I got fed up with the status quo and set out to create my own ‘anti-agency’: Webtopia, which I have since scaled to a team of 30.

I love sharing my knowledge, actionable insights and strategies with the mentees in my coaching programme and with audiences via events and podcasts.

The eCommerce Impact Podcast

I'm also the host of the eCommerce Impact Podcast! Every two weeks, I sit down with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of sustainable eCommerce. Hear how founders launched and grew their brands, plus get tips from the expert agencies and strategists who support them.

Ready to scale your eComm Store?

My agency (Webtopia) and coaching programmes have grown over 80 eCommerce businesses - and generated over $20 million in revenue for our clients in the last 12 months.

Let us transform you into the successful, impactful eCommerce brand you deserve to be.

At Webtopia, we turn purpose-driven product businesses just like yours into profitable brands using the power of Facebook™, Instagram™, Google™, TikTok™ and Klaviyo™.

But we don't just 'run ads' - we skyrocket your growth.

Featured in...

Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Paid Social Wins

I share the big ideas for acquisition and retention marketing right now, nuances of the “new” Facebook platform and some paid social wins.

2022 Fashion Brand Facebook Advertising Strategy

Learn the Facebook Ads process that Webtopia used to create a 5.2 ROAS for a fashion brand client and a simple targeting strategy that works impressively

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I love sharing my knowledge, actionable insights and strategies with audiences via events and podcasts.


>> Growing and scaling a remote business by

niching down. Jessie's agency & coaching has grown

to a comfortable seven figures and she has done it all

from her laptop.

>> eCommerce business growth. How to grow your

online store sales by building a strong brand that

convinces people to buy.

>> Digital Advertising. From Facebook & Instagram

ads, to Google, Pinterest, Email and TikTok Jessie

can teach your audience how to make them work.

>> Sustainable brands and building a values-

centric business.

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