Jessie Healy – Agency CEO & eCommerce Expert

Jessie Healy (36 of 196)

I’m Jessie Healy. I advise eCommerce brands on how they can grow their profits through Social Media Advertising, Google Ads and Email Marketing.

The $20 million I have spent on digital advertising in my career has helped me crack the code to creating profitable ads that convert.

After years of running multi-million pound digital campaigns for the likes of Etsy, Future Publishing and Trinity Mirror, I got fed up with the status quo and set out to create my own ‘anti-agency’:

I love sharing my knowledge, actionable insights and strategies with audiences via events and podcasts.
  1. Growing and Scaling a remote business by niching down – Jessie’s agency & coaching has grown to a comfortable seven figures and she has done it all from her laptop.
  2. eCommerce business growth – how to grow your online store sales by building a strong brand that convinces people to buy
  3. Digital Advertising – from Facebook & Instagram ads, to Google, Pinterest, Email and Tik Tok Jessie can teach your audience how to make them work
  4. Sustainable brands and building a values-centric business
Speaking/Podcast Experience:

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