Jessie Healy – Digital Marketing Strategist

Jessie Healey (36 of 196)

I’m Jessie Healy. I advise and train businesses on how they can find customers online through Social Media Advertising, Google Adwords.

After years of running multi-million pound digital campaigns for the likes of Etsy, Future Publishing and Trinity Mirror, I got fed up with the status quo and set out to create my own ‘anti-agency’.

Since landing in the UK with my backpack in 2005, I have been building digital businesses online. I helped to grow some of the UK’s most successful startups, as well as advising the Government and not-for-profits on digital strategy.

With my help, you can run smarter digital marketing campaigns, without the need for senior in-house experience. I also run the digital marketing consultancy

Google has recognised me as an AdWords & Analytics certified professional. I can give your team the tools and training they need to run campaigns themselves, keeping knowledge in-house and making your digital marketing more dynamic and adaptive.

You can also book me to speak at your event – I can offer training on all aspects of digital advertising and digital strategy.

Give me a call on +44 7468244939 or email me to chat about how I can help.